“We need to focus on the wins we can sustain”: An interview with Shamubeel Eaqub (Part 1)

Generation Rent: Rethinking New Zealand’s Priorities, by Shamubeel Eaqub and Selena Eaqub, has received a great deal of attention since it was released six months ago, and quite rightly. It’s an accessible, wide-ranging… Continue reading

Single ladies and the housing market

In the important new book, No country for old maids? Talking about the ‘man drought‘, one of the issues author Hannah August puts her brilliant mind to is the disadvantages faced by single… Continue reading

“You shouldn’t have to become an MP to get a house to live in”

Today, New Zealand’s newest MP, Green Marama Davidson, gave her maiden speech in Parliament. It’s a remarkable speech in many ways, but this is a blog about housing, so I wanted to draw… Continue reading

Would a statutory right to housing make a difference to homelessness?

Thirty-four thousand people in New Zealand are homeless, or severely housing deprived: they crowd in to friends’ homes, stay in campgrounds, boarding houses, garages or cars, and live on the street.1[i] The Child… Continue reading

Government-commissioned report makes a strong case for a rental WOF

This is a repost of a blog I wrote for CPAG to support their new campaign for healthy and affordable homes. CPAG is calling for the Government to introduce and enforce a rental WOF, provide… Continue reading

Why protection from retaliatory eviction fails to ensure tenants report unhealthy housing

Last week, I wrote about how England’s tenants will soon be protected from retaliatory eviction. This means that if tenants complain about substandard conditions and the landlord responds by evicting them, they will… Continue reading

England’s new regulations to protect tenants from retaliatory evictions

Tenant organisations in England are celebrating new regulations which give renters new protection – protection which New Zealand renters already have, and which has recently been extended. It’s a good time to reflect on… Continue reading

Minor changes to existing provisions!

Something crazy happens at the moment. A tenant takes her landlord to the Tenancy Tribunal because it’s below legal standards: it’s damp, for example. The Tenancy Tribunal concludes, “yes, that’s illegal”. The Tribunal… Continue reading

How high is the rent?

A couple of weeks ago, the worrying issue of high rents in Christchurch came to renewed attention when Trademe reported that rents had risen 14% in Christchurch over the past year. Minister of… Continue reading

What to do about renting

There’s a lot of bad press about renters. At one end of the extreme there’s Renters, a show about “the dirtiest, dimmest and most despicable renters imaginable” which warns you against even living… Continue reading