One Two Three Home

In a game I don’t get to play as much as I’d like, called Go home stay home, Home is the place that everybody wants to get to. The problem is, Home is guarded by the person who is “in”. You prowl the hiding places of the known world, peering at Home through gaps in branches; you can’t go home if someone’s already home.

Fortunately, and for no reason other than pride, the person who is “in” will sometimes prowl around looking for you and other people who also long for home. If home is unguarded, you may have a chance to access home.

So you run. If you are spotted by the person who is in, and he beats you home, he will shout “Go home, stay home!” And you lose.

If you reach home before he does, shout 1-2-3-Home! Through these magic words, you have reached a place of safety: home.

One Two Three Home is the name of this blog.

This blog is interested in three things – affordable, secure, and healthy homes.

I am a PhD student in public health. I’m writing a thesis on how renters have affected housing policy and houses in New Zealand. This is a place for the things I think about that don’t fit in my thesis.Image

Meyerheim: Versteckspiel im Wald. Public Domain.

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